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Time has passed and explanation for the (tentative) title

Time has passed since last time I wrote a blog post. I kept a blog for a few years, few years ago. I almost forgot I did actually. If I find the motivation I might get around reimporting all that old stuff at one point.

But I warn you my old blog was in Italian, so maybe it’s better if it stays where it is. For now. But things have changed a lot since then. This is a new beginning.

This blog will record a few broad themes as perceived from my current reality-tunnel (the use of this last word might already hint at the fact that I am a big fan of RAW):

  • Notes on my sabbatical (which will officially start August 1st 2008).
  • Technology, software development. Very detailed, very in depth, focused on web development but eclectic and curious in nature.
  • My future entrepreneurial efforts to start my own business, service, company.
  • Philosophical gems I’ve been collecting and validating through my own experience to live a happy and full life, presented in total humbleness. No pressure to force anyone to agree with me.

So why the title “be present now” for this new blog?

As a reminder to myself. For me it is a rather astounding coincidence that almost every book I stumbled upon in the past year or so - but maybe even earlier - had a hint to this very simple mantra: “be present now”.

Well it may be that I am especially drawn to self help, philosophical books but the fact remains. And it slowly grew on me. It is only possible to experience life fully when one is present to oneself, completely conscious and focused on the reality, this very moment. When I am lost following a river of thoughts, in a river of twirling emotions, oblivious of the moment, life slips by.

I’ll have a lot more to tell on this later. If you ever convince me that this is interesting. So is this enough for a first post? Do you have any questions? Ha, I don’t really expect an answer. But then again who am I writing to, if not an imagined audience? Alright, I’ll stop now. Godspeed.

13 July 2008

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