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Setting up OSX for some Erlang Development - yes - with Emacs

I’ve decided to dig a bit into Erlang. The setup

has been painless.

I first installed Macports (look here for a step by step guide). With this installed, to install Erlang is a single command:

sudo port install erlang

Then I looked up the recommended development environment.

What a surprise: a lot of people suggest Emacs. And so I followed the instructions of lisp Guru extraordinaire Bill Clementson on how to setup Emacs to develop in Erlang.

I won’t repeat what he has explained perfectly in the post linked above. Now since yesterday I am going through “Programming Erlang” with a development Erlang node embedded in my Emacs session and I am enjoying it very much.

My mind wanders freely on the power and the ease Erlang will give me to develop massive, concurrent, real-time, next generation services. :)

30 July 2008

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