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Futility moment, my new Wallpaper

Hang on because this blog post is very dense with content. Last summer I bought a cool t-shirt similar to this one while in US.

For some reason I was freely browsing the web tonight and that logo came back to me.

I was kind of bored of the glorious wallpaper that served me well till today and was looking for something new.

I looked for a wallpaper with the Metal Mulisha logo mentioned above but the wallpapers on their website were all very much related to a motorbike team.

So I cooked my own. Had to install Darwin Gimp, a cool OSX port of the Gimp and fiddle around. But here it is for your enjoyment.

"metal mulisha logo wallpaper 1440x900")

Told you this would be deep. Glad to be of service.

Update: well I couldn’t resist and I rolled out another one. Last one for now I promise:


14 August 2008

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