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Recent Developments

So “what have you been up to?” you ask. I am back in Amsterdam since the beginning of September. I didn’t blog publicly much so far, but It’s time to resume.

I feel my path as entrepreneur has started with the right foot (which is a free translation of an Italian saying that means things have started well).

I rested and accumulated a lot of creative energy during my month long trip to Italy. I took a lot of notes in my precious Moleskine:


I am preparing to present a project to Ycombinator for October’s deadline. I’ve been working at a good pace and with good motivation on two services. To be precise I am working on 3 projects at the moment.

I don’t want to talk about any of these publicly yet but I think they have a big potential. I am keeping a private work log of my activity here and I plan to release pieces of it to this blog when the time is right (if you’re a close friend and want access to it, just message me). Technologies?

I really would like to tell more about the projects but it’s too early. In a months time maybe I will say more.

27 September 2008

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