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Running for Ycombinator 2009 and having a blast

It’s been a crazy ride these past few weeks. My partner in crime - nocivus - and I have been working very hard on our submission for the 2009 Winter round of Y Combinator. It has been a lot of fun.

Creative energy is like a drug. When you’re under its effect you can’t stop working and fleshing out ideas. We’ve been coding like crazy. We’ve been thinking and thinking about what we would really need first, to present a cool demo. We thought hard at the problem we wanted to solve, at our target, at the way we could make money.

So here it is, our creation, We can’t disclose too much about what we’re building but it’s real now. In front of our eyes. We also picked a name for our company. A funny name. The origin of the name comes from an hilarious piece from Eddie Izzard.

Here I present you evil giraffe.

17 July 2008

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