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Testing out tuttivisti widgets

One of the first things I implemented for tuttivisti - to add just a hint of viral marketing to the project - was a widget that you can import on your own blog, maybe on the sidebar, to show the latest movies you either want to see or just watched.

Let me test it here for you (and for me :D):

<since removed>

How does it work? Just go to the goodies page (well login first) select how many columns and how many movies you want to show, click preview, copy the short Javascript snippet into your blog, website, myspace,etc. and you’re done.

I don’t think anybody is using this yet, but it’s understandable, tuttivisti has only a little above 100 users at the moment, most of whom never came back. We’ll see if adding the next level of viral-ity will improve things: think posting your movies to twitter, pwnce, plurk, friendfeed, facebook, etc… :D. I’ll try.

I think I’ll start from twitter this week. Pinax supports it out of the box (together with openmicroblogging which is way cool).

18 November 2008

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