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Every once in a while I have wonderful conversations about life, technology and everything. Many times I end up talking about a myriad of topics.

For example today I had lunch with Jonathan Greenwood (you should follow him on twitter here) and learned a great deal about many interesting things. I am always intrigued and delighted to rediscover that not everyone has my same brain, interests, browsing habits. Not everyone keeps track closely of the same spaces and same people I do.

So here is a random mesh of interesting links that I recurrently mention in my conversations, the common thread being - well it’s quite a broad one I’ll admit - entrepreneurship, social media, cool people and products, online videos, friends. You might have seen some of these already, but then again, maybe not.


Seedcamp is a Micro seed fund that invests in start-up companies. I want to participate in the August selection round with my friend nocivus.

Vibram 5 fingers

The product site [](// Ferris review

Gary Vaynerchuk inspiring videos

“The” online wine guy and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, pioneer of video blogging is quite a personality. Totally love him:

  • His video blog on wine is here
  • Personally I liked this of his keynotes. All his other keynotes here.

The story of Parrot Secrets

The story of Parrot Secrets, fascinating recount about a very simple (though controversial) e-book business.

Sorapot, a cool teapot

Sorapot, the teapot developed by a young designer and manufactured in China. Good video interview by Kevin Rose from digg.

Paul Graham essays

Really insightful essays about startups and innovation. This is one of the first I read and it made a deep impression on me, years ago.

Tim Ferris on improving your blog

Video of Tim Ferris giving advice on improving your blog, very practical and analytical as always.


Kevin Rose’s video show about popular news stories on digg.

Two guys and a beer

Pedro picked up video blogging. Non politically correct, alcohol consumption, cursing. Promising!

Geeky and Entrepreneur news sources that I visit daily




Mirko Calvaresi’s site about grassroots italian buying groups - in Italian.

By the way

You should follow me on twitter here. *lol* Wow that’s a few links and videos. Enjoy and take your time.  I’ll be delighted if you want to chat about any of the above or if you found anything interesting. And if you are any of the people mentioned above and are reading this, you rock and are an inspiration for me.

22 July 2009

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