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Life As Advocate: More Git And Hacking Than Ever

Posts have slowed down on this blog not because I don’t have more interest in writing or because I finished the topics to write about but because the content I am producing appears now on Atlassian’s Blog!

In March I gave a drastic shake to my professional career: I gave up my very profitable stint as contractor and I accepted a position as Developer Advocate at Atlassian with the awesome task of writing about git, DVCS workflows, hack on cool technologies and talk at conferences, meet-ups and the like. I am pretty enthusiastic about this if you can’t tell!

I’ve never been writing more in my life. Instead of working eight hours before going home and doing the cool bleeding edge stuff, now doing cool stuff is my daily job!

Git Articles, Lots Of Them

It will now be apparent why in the past couple of months already six articles authored by me have appeared at Atlassian:

March 2013

Instant Java Provisioning With Vagrant And Puppet Stash One Click Install

What’s New In Git 1.8.2

Git Submodules Workflows Tips

April 2013

In April I had to slow down with writing because I was on an Atlassian sponsored world tour between Amsterdam, Sydney, San Francisco and London:

Git Titanium Armor Recovering From Various Disasters

May 2013

I will be picking up full speed in May:

Git Automatic Merges With Server Side Hooks For The Win

Git Branching And Forking In The Enterprise Why Fork

Feel free to give me feedback on those here or there.

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